Homemade Daisy Salve

Daisy salve

Whether you live in the rural or urban areas, it is likely that you have seen daisies growing in large volumes. But did you know that daisies have incredible healing properties?

Daisies have been used for centuries in medicines and are great for bruises and sprains. This recipe is very easy to make and just requires a little bit of patience to make everything from scratch! But the plus side is, everything can be made using native ingredients!

This salve can be safely used for bruises and scars, on dry elbows and knees and as a lip balm. It’s good to make it in small jars, so you can always have it handy.

Ingredients & Equipment

5 drops Lavender essential oil

80g daisy oil (Instructions included below)

10g organic beeswax or jojoba wax for a vegan option

20g almond oil

Sterilised jar (Daisy Oil)

Sterilised jar, bowl or jub (Daisy Salve)

1 or 2 handy pots or jars (single use glass jam jars work perfectly)

Method for Making the Daisy Oil
Place daisy flower heads in a sterilised jar, cover completely with almond oil and leave in a full sunlight for a minimum of 5 weeks.
Make sure that all flowers are completely covered with oil, that will prevent it from rotting and keep your daisy oil smelling fresh.
After 5 weeks, strain the oil through the muslin cloth to a sterilised jar or bottle. 

Method for Making the Daisy Salve

In a sterilised glass container, jug or bowl, mix beeswax and the almond oil. 

Place it in a water bath and gently heat the water until beeswax completely dissolves. 

Cool it down to the room temperature, mixing well once every so often. 

Add your daisy oil and a few drops of lavender essential oils, then mix well. 

Transfer the mixture to your chosen handy jars, cover with lids and keep in the fridge or cool dark place.


Store in a dry, dark and cool place.

Essential Oil Safety Precautions

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils and may cause burns or ill health when ingested. Always check the Safety Data Sheets before use. If using recipes for children, it is best to cut essential oil drops in half.

Seek medical attention in the event of any ingestion of essential oils.