Insect Bite Remedy

Insect Bite

This insect bite remedy is a must have for those summery weather occassions! We’ve all been there. Enjoying a family barbeque on the beach or a park when the insects roll in and decide to feast on us. Insect bites can be painful, itchy and incredibly irritating. 

Ecolutions has worked with aromatherapy specialists to create an incredibly easy and useful insect bite remedy using the very basic of ingredients and common essential oils. 

Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic, antifungal oil with antibacterial properties. Couple this with the antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties of coconut oil and this serum not only smells great, but leaves you feeling soothed and refreshed. 

Ingredients & Equipment​


Simply mix in the Tea Tree and Chamomile oil drops with the coconut oil to create the insect bite remedy.

Apply directly onto the insect bite to ease itchiness and soreness. 


Use serum within 7 days.

Safety Precautions

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils and may cause burns or ill health when ingested. Always check the Safety Data Sheets before use. If using recipes for children, it is best to cut essential oil drops in half.

Seek medical attention in the event of any ingestion of essential oils.

Do not attempt this recipe if you have allergies to any of the ingredients. Cease use immediately and seek medical advice should you experience any ill side effects of this recipe.