About Us

Ecolutions is a small independent company operating as an online eco-friendly store, based in Brighton, East Sussex. 


Founded in September 2021, following many months of research relating to how everyday items have negative and impactful effects on our environment. 


Ecolutions provides affordable alternatives to environmentally harmful mass produced products. It is important to us to ensure that these products are available for families and businesses to start their journey leading a more sustainable lifestyle. We do this because we believe that living sustainably should be available to everyone, regardless of their budget.


Ecolutions’ eco-friendly store now sources a wide variety of sustainable household, personal care and general products from suppliers. Our suppliers are primarily from the United Kingdom and provide stock at reduced rates in order to retail products that were previously too expensive for some families to consider. 


Our lower costs enable families and businesses to adopt the sustainable living way of live. This means that Ecolutions is now empowering more people than ever before to make sustainable choices and make a greater positive impact on our environment. 


Carbon Footprint

Ecolutions understands the importance of corporate responsibility and closely monitors its impact on the environment. 

We source the majority of our products from the United Kingdom, supporting small businesses where possible. 

Every aspect of our environmental contributions are accounted for and the carbon emissions are calculated in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

You can view our latest carbon footprint report here.

We now offset our emissions and more with Chooose.
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