Corporate Carbon Footprint Consultants

Ecolutions is delighted to offer an affordable corporate carbon footprint consultancy service.

An organisational carbon footprint report measures and delcares the impact that organisational operations have on the environment.

These reports cover a 12 month period and we calculate the greenhouse gases we are expected to produce in all our activities and measures them in units of carbon dioxide (CO2).

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Ecolutions Solutions Limited will conduct the carbon footprint report in accordance to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which defines three types of emissions:

  1. All direct emissions from activities under your control. 
    This includes onsite gas boilers to heat your home or office, the petrol and diesel you use for transport and commuting, or air-conditioning leaks that could increase your electricity bills.
  2. Indirect emissions from the electricity you purchase and use. 
    The emissions you create during the production of the energy.
  3. All other indirect emissions from activities, from sources you don’t own or control. 
    These are usually the greatest share of the carbon footprint, covering emissions associated with business travel, procurement, waste and water.

Our Prices

Micro business – £395

The definition of a micro business:

  • Number of employees in a micro business must be ten employees or fewer
  • The annual turnover of a micro business is under £2million

Small business – £695

The definition of a small business:

  • Number of employees in a small sized business must be 10-50 employees
  • The annual turnover of a small sized business is above £2million but below £10million

Medium business – £995

The definition of a medium business:

  • Number of employees in a medium sized business must be 50-250 employees
  • The annual turnover of a medium sized business is above £10million but below £50million

Large Business – £1495

The definition of a large business:

  • Number of employees in a large business exceeds 250 employees
  • The annual turnover of a large business is above £50million

Complete the form below and one of our consultants will contact you

Providing that data is readily available, we will be able to start immediately on your carbon footprint report. 
If you have digital files relating to any of the documentation required, please send these to
Physical files and documents will be collected from your organisation and returned upon completion of the carbon foorpring report. 
Using the breakdown detailed above this form, please select the company size.
Ecolutions will require information relating to organisational operations in order to calculate the carbon emissions generated by corporate operations. The information required may include, but not limited to, the options above. Should any information not be available, we may need to omit this information from the report if estimates are not possible.